Friday, January 23, 2015

Kitchen is the Key to the Lab

I think working in the kitchen is as close as some of us get that miss the lab. I know a friend who was a chemist and loves to cook. Most chemists that I know, both male and female, are fabulous cooks and love trying out recipes. This is a great cake to snack on while reading Reflections & Connections: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences as the cake lasts. The ground almonds in the cake are the secret to its fabulous taste, something special to go with a most special book.

Are you a retired scientist or someone who once enjoyed working in a lab? Then get into the kitchen and make something special and download a copy of the book. Enjoy your food creation while reading your favorite chapters from the plant sciences to health care in this special series.

Valentine's Day is coming up, get a copy for your special Valentine at the most reasonable price of an Ebook that I know of, $3.99 for more than 1300 pages, can you beat that?

Enjoy the World's Best Banana cake. Wonder what secrets lie between the words in "Reflections" or maybe the secrets are more in the "Connections" portion of the book? There are plenty of secrets in my kitchen, have you tried heavenly pineapple, lemon, angel food cake yet? I guess that is another secret story to be revealed! My cooking blog is -- come over and tell me about your favorite chapter in "Reflections" and share your secrets!

The "Kitchen is the Key to the Lab" phrase was told to me by my adviser of years ago. I took it most seriously!

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