Thursday, November 27, 2014

Secrets to Success in STEM

Today is Thanksgiving and we are approaching the holidays, Hanukah, Christmas, and Quanza.

If you know a student that has an interest in the life sciences, but not yet sure which subject area, you might wish to skim the comprehensive Ebook, Reflections & Connections: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences. I am a librarian having spent over 20 years in medical settings and have yet to see a book exactly like this one. The title is a popular one, but the contents are not. There are two books that I suggested the lead for the project on "Reflections" look at before starting. I also keep pushing the importance of getting a marketing toolbox together as a hammer alone will not allow this incredible work to REACH those who have a need to know.

If you like books with detailed biographies of real people solving real world problems, read the FREE "LookInside" section of the book on its page.

If size impresses, check out the paperback 2 volume set that will keep one reading for many days.

If you are a school counselor or involved in career services at the college level, get this book on your shelf, as science is no longer "One size fits all," but a complex, collaborative, interactive network.

"Try IT, you may like IT."

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